Meet our Artisans

Cassandra Cress


Cassandra Cress is an Anishnaabe Kwe from Biigtigong Nishnaabeg who lives in Marathon, Ontario. They have been creating Dream Catchers since they were 16 after teaching themselves how to weave and learning about Dream Catcher teachings. They mix contemporary and traditional Ojibway patterns and ideas to create Dream Catchers from recycled and reused materials such as old pieces of clothing, jewelry, and other items. Cassandra studied business at Humber College and is currently preparing to launch her own marketing and consulting business.

Favourite Memory of Biigtigong:

“My favourite memories of being in Biigtigong are going to and participating in the annual Pic River Pow Wow, it’s just a great event that brings families together. I have a picture of myself when I was about three years old in this Red jingle dress that my mom made for me, and the last time I danced in the Pow Wow that jingle dress fit my younger cousin. It was really nice having a picture of her in that regalia next to an old picture of mine.”

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Brenda Rousselle 


Brenda Rousselle is an Anishinaabe Kwe, born and raised in Biigtigong Nishnaabeg. Some of her talents include beading (an art passed down from her mother, Elder Myra Michano), fine painting, rock painting, and fabric crafts. Brenda believes in putting a lot of love into her work, another lesson she learned from her Mother. She is also very passionate about photography and loves to capture the beauty all around her.

Favourite Memory of Biigtigong

“My favourite memory of Biigtigong is going to the beach with all of my friends as a child, to go swimming, and making play houses in the bush.”

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Brittany Moses 


Brittany Moses is a member of Biigtigong Nishnaabeg and a graduate from Lakehead University. In 2017 she completed a Honours Bachelor of Science in Geoarchaeology, a minor in Environmental Science and a mapping certificate in Geomatics and went on to complete a College Certificate in Environmental Monitoring through the University of Northern British Columbia. Upon graduating Brittany began working for Biigtigong as a protector of our lands. When she began making signs, she wanted to incorporate the very lands in which she protects, which is why many of her signs showcase Turtle Island and its inhabitants, with a focus on Biigtigong Ojibway dialect.

Favourite Memory of Biigtigong

“My favorite memory of Biigtigong is spending time with family down at the mouth of the Pic River. Growing up in Marathon, although so close, it was always a treat to go for a ride with my dad and siblings and visit all our family at the mouth. We’d often pick up snacks on our way down and bounce from camp to camp before running along the beach and playing in the water.”

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